For the past 36 years, the New Zealand Poetry Society Te Rōpū Toikupu o Aotearoa has published an annual anthology in conjunction with their International Poetry Competition. After the competition’s winners have been selected, the anthology editors choose and edit a selection of entries into the year’s anthology. We’re very proud of all 36 anthologies and looking forward to the 37th in 2024!

white-hot heart, the 2023 anthology, was edited by Margaret Moores and Janet Newman. It contains over 150 poems and haiku from authors in Aotearoa and all around the world.

“One of the most surprising poems I read was ‘Radishes’ which begins in the realm of the every day, but …there are fissures underneath the poem’s surface like a web of roots. The speaker’s assured voice carries the reader unwaveringly to the ‘white-hot heart of it.”

Nina Mingya Powles, Open Adult Judge

“Judging this poetry competition has been a joy. It brings back my own sheer excitement at the discoveries of poems and their mauri or life force…”

Robert Sullivan, Open Junior Judge

“…it is, or has to be, obvious for every haiku lover that all of the short-listed twenty-three are of the highest quality..”

Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Adult Haiku Judge

“… There were haiku that made sharp observations that were raw and honest, that made me pause and think, why didn’t I notice that before?”

Oshadha Perera, Junior Haiku Judge