a fine line

Autumn 2024

Featured Poet

Selina Tusitala Marsh

Guys Like Gauguin
On Breaking Up with Captain Cook on Our 250th Anniversary
Kingly Korero

Frida, the Believer
Tusiata Avia Stole My Boyfriend

Featured Interview

A garden is a long time by Jenny Bornholdt and Annemarie Hope-Cross, reviewed by Sarah Scott
On elephant’s shoulders by Sudha Rao, reviewed by Holly H. Bercusson

Members' Poems

Robert Rinehart Tasting the sweetgrass
Aine Whelan-Kopa  Bruce Willis of Māngere
Sandra Fraser  Celebrity
Tim Jones  Tuesdays, The Hedgehog Heart in Conflict with Itself
Lisa McKenzie   fame
Rachel Miller  Stardom
Jane Bloomfield  Napoleon Rode A Grey Stallion Called Morengo
Michael Gould  Fame
Sherryl Clark  Showtime
David Sampson  Mother
Stephanie Cullen  matthew perry has died of ketamine
Steve Herbert  London Los Angeles
CK Green  Hansel Enlightened
Bronwyn Bryant  How to behave at the Launch of Your First Book of Poetry

Cover Art

Lester Hall