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The New Zealand Poetry Society Te Rōpū Toikupu o Aotearoa supports and promotes poets and poetry in New Zealand. Established in 1973, we engage with individuals and communities across Aotearoa who share a sense of curiosity and excitement about poetry.

Poem of the Month

essa may ranapiri

the beast on our wall will eat my heartbreak
after Kahurangiariki Smith’s Hina

you left us your pink taniwha
to dance the walls of our whare
to the slap of jandals
as us bisexual baddies
go for a feed of hot chips
tomato sauce and salty goodness
fuck yes we’re living the life
diving into the awa
cos my gayass bitchass sentimental ass
never wants to let go
the Waikato is so big and strong she can take it all
its hundreds of
beauties of turns and turnings
the whirlpool watching us
as you eat m&ms a staple at the house
because i knew she loved them
afterwards the sun turns me into the whitest Maaori you’ve ever seen
(or Tama turning me pink like the taniwha waiting for us)
and you hold me as i crackle with
that very specific kind of loss
that comes from opening up your chest
for someone to take whatever they want
but they just

turn away 

essa may ranapiri
 (Waikato-Tainui, Ngaati Raukawa, Te Arawa, Ngaati Puukeko, Clan Gunn, Horwood) is a person who lives on Ngaati Wairere whenua. Author of ransack and ECHIDNA. They have a great love for language, LAND BACK and hot chips. They will write until they’re dead.