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March 2015                        

The tomatoes are still ripening, it's still hot through the day, we've finally had a bit of rain - and not a moment too soon - and March 1 is supposed to be the first day of autumn! Don't know why we insist on assigning specific changeover dates for the seasons. December 1 definitely wasn't summer last year so it might just be going to hang round a bit longer.

Hope the year is proving as productive for your writing as our tomato patch is proving for our salads, tarts and sauces. The Contests section has been updated and includes details for this year's NZPS Contest, our favourite! However, the Haiku Happenings page notes that the popular HaikuNow! contest won't be held this year.

Also see Haiku Happenings for the list of winners from the Kokako Tanka Contest, plus some of the top poems. The judge's report will be in the next issue of Kokako, due out in April.

We have a new Favourite Haiku selection from Cherie Hunter Day, editor of Mariposa, the journal of the Haiku Poets of Northern California and an award-winning poet, while this month's article looks at how English-language haiku has put itself into something of a straitjacket when it comes to content and style. Last month's History of NZ Haiku article is now stored in the Archived Articles section on the left-hand menu. 

My thanks to those who supply information and articles - Haiku NewZ wouldn't be the same without you and I appreciate the effort everyone puts in on behalf of this website. Thanks also to Signify, our website host, and the New Zealand Poetry Society for giving us the space on its site - free of charge.

If you'd be good enough to consider joining the NZPS, it would be a small repayment for the hosting and support that we receive out of kindness. For those within New Zealand, your membership fees are tax deductible, as is any donation you make over the top of the annual sub. Read more about joining and membership benefits here, including how to join if you live outside New Zealand.

If you'd like to recommend an article, offer to write something for these pages, or generally have something to say about haiku and its related forms, please feel free to get in touch.

And don't forget to have a look at my other web venture, Sandra's Garden. If you like it, please be sure to share it with your friends.

- Sandra