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                                                                                               Photo: Sandra Simpson

July 2014                                       

What a mild winter we've been having, at least in my part of the country ... so I hope that wherever you are you at least have a warm, fluffy coat to meet the season, much as the little sparrow in the photo. Winter is a good time to catch up on some reading and make some plans ready to hatch in the spring.

This month's Haiku NewZ has an article by Aubrie Cox on the all-important topic of clarity in haiku and a thought-provoking statement on the Haiku Happenings page from Ernie Berry about the difficulties in ensuring work is truly original. As well, there's information about a new online tanka journal and an edition of an established poetry journal that's dedicating an issue to the "Japanese forms" (both on the Haiku Happenings page) and the competition listings have been updated to include two tanka contests and a haiku contest making their debut in 2014. As well, two biennial New Zealand contests - the Katikati Haiku Contest and the Kokako Tanka Contest - are in the listing.

Thanks to those who supply information, articles and their favourite haiku - Haiku NewZ wouldn't be the same without you and I appreciate the effort everyone puts in on behalf of this website. Thanks also to Signify, our website host, and the New Zealand Poetry Society for giving us the space on its site - free of charge.

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- Sandra