Artwork: Ernest J Berry

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November 2014                      

                                                                                                                   Photo: Sandra Simpson

Here's a trick photo for my Northern Hemisphere readers - because these maples are wearing their spring colours (and I might slip in a seasonal reference to fireworks as well!). The photo was taken at the well-known Tikitere Gardens on the outskirts of Rotorua. Bill Robinson, and his partner Ann, have run the extensive gardens and nursery for yonks and there's not much Bill doesn't know about maples. He started way back when with rhododendrons and there are plenty of those in the garden too - enough to attract rhodo artist Karl Maughan.

If you choose your Japanese maple well, and this is what you want, you can have different-coloured foliage on the same tree in spring, summer and autumn. My potted Acer Shindeshojo has bright pink new foliage that slowly turns into wine and brick shades before going green for the summer, and then has a pretty autumn display. If you'd like to visit Tikitere Gardens, they're at 104 SH30 on the airport side of Rotorua, phone 07 345 5036 or email. It's a long drive in to the nursery through the property but just keep going!

Our article last month was about haibun, and so is this month's! Author Jeff Harpeng also considers haiku in his thoughts which revolve around haiku and haibun being more "a process of transition" rather than a "haiku moment". It's a good read.

The competition listings have been updated through to February, so plenty of time to plan ahead and get some writing done, plus there are two new journals listed under the Submissions section on the Haiku Happenings page.

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- Sandra