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New Zealand Poetry Society (NZPS) guide to publishing poetry in NZ

The NZPS does not publish poetry except for the anthology from our annual international poetry competition. However we do offer a service where you can get some expert feedback on the poems you've written, with the Poetry Advisory Service from the New Zealand Poetry Society. See:

We encourage you to keep writing poetry and submitting it to journals, magazines, and competitions. The NZPS runs an annual international poetry competition which is highly regarded both in New Zealand and overseas, and winning and other selected entries are published in our anthology.

You should also submit your work to poetry journals and magazines as well as to contests. It is helpful to have a selection of poems to submit - an editor may not like some but may love others. It is important to editors to have a body of your work to consider.

You should read the submission requirements before sending in your poetry, and follow the requirements.

Before you even consider sending out a submission, read this long but extremely informative article:

As for getting a whole collection published, most publishers will only publish poets with a track record of individual poems in journals and other poetry outlets. There are not many publishers dealing with poetry at all, in fact, and if you haven't got a publishing history then you might like to consider self-publishing. Take a look at, and These are New Zealand sites, and more user-friendly than some other sites on the web from the US and UK, though they are worth looking at as well. provides an online platform for writers to find out how popular their unpublished book is. The writer uploads a blurb and enough content from their book to pique the interest of readers who in turn can rate the content. The website viewers who enjoy reading a writer's work may also want to go out and buy their own copy of the book once published. This service is free to writers and readers. Writers can register and start uploading a blurb and parts of their book.

Steele Roberts, an independent publishing company with a significant interest in poetry, also supports self-publishing projects. See: or contact at: Box 9321, Wellington, New Zealand

Seraph Press is a boutique small publisher which focuses on poetry:

Here are some well-known NZ poetry publications:

JAAM - JAAM Collective, PO Box 25239, Panama Street, Wellington 6146
Landfall - University of Otago Press, PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054
Poetry NZ - 34B Methuen Road, Avondale, Auckland 0600
Sport - PO Box 11-806, Wellington 6142
Takahe - PO Box 13 335, Christchurch 8141
Valley Micropress - ed Tony Chad, 165A Katherine Mansfield Drive, Whiteman's Valley, Upper Hutt 5371 Tel: (04) 5288968

Online poetry journals include:

Deep South - Submissions can be made by mail to Deep South, Department of English, University of Otago, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin 9054.
Trout - an online publishing house for New Zealand and Pacific Islands literature: Brian Flaherty, University of Auckland Library, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142
Turbine - the annual online journal of the International Institute of Modern Letters: Turbine Submissions, IIML, Victoria University, P O Box 600, Wellington 6140

A more substantial list is available on the NZ Book Council website at:

You may find the books listed below to be helpful. If you do not find the books at your local library, try your local bookstore.

• Getting Published: The Aotearoa New Zealand Guide, Samantha Schwarz
2014 Poet's Market, by Robert Lee Brewer

Best of luck with your quest to be published, and remember to keep trying. Some of the most famous poets and writers in the world were rejected many times before succeeding in finding the right publication, and the right editor, at the right time.


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